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Updated 2nd July 2020


Matt Hewitt EBF President 2020 - 2021

It gives me great pleasure and a sense of real honour at becoming your President for 2020 & 2021

I am particularly looking forward to working alongside fellow Black Cat Bowls Club members Sue Tolliday (for the rest of her tenure as EWBF President) and Sandra Chandler for the first year of her EWBF Presidency (in 2021).

I would like to thank Phil Cross for his considerable efforts whilst he was President. I know that juggling the responsibilities of being your President with his other commitments was problematic for him at times and I’m sure I’m going to find similar difficulties.  I can only promise to try to do my best to make a success of my Presidential duties - please help & support me as much as you possibly can as I also have a full-time job to do, as well as being EBF Captain for the men’s Derbyshire & Newton teams.

My sincere thanks go to Joseph Gowler for agreeing to be nominated for the vacant role of Junior Vice President. We must all make an effort to try and keep the Presidential Team intact and any suggestions or recommendations any of you have in this direction will be most welcome. Equally importantly, there are other roles within the Association that need to be filled – not necessarily by men. If you can spare some time – even if only an hour or two a month – please let me or Secretary Paul know. The future of our great Association depends on it’s members willingness to take an active role and at present, too much of the work is being completed by too few.

Finally, I would like to wish all members of North Cambs Bowling Association very healthy and successful bowling in 2020 and 2021. I’m hoping for National success at both Newark and Skegness to compliment the heroics of our outdoor National Champion Bobbie Wabe in 2019 and Jane Clifton in 2018.

Good luck and thank you for your anticipated support.

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Sue Tolliday EWBF President 2018-20                                  

It is a great honour to embark on my second year in office as your County President, having enjoyed a full and successful first season at the helm.
I am delighted to welcome my fellow Black Cat Bowls Club member Matt Hewitt to the office of County President and look forward to working closely with him this season.  I would like to congratulate him on stepping up a year early to take on this role to keep the County Presidential Team in tack, together with Joseph Gowler in his role as Junior Vice President and wish them both well in their roles.

To my Vice President Sandra Chandler for her support during my year and to her son David for his generous donation enabling us to have a new team shirt for our Donald Steward and Silver Vase teams for which we are very grateful.

It is an exciting year ahead for us having reinstated the Silver Vase team again, my thanks to everyone involved in this and to my Junior Vice President Margaret Pearce in offering to be non playing Captain.  I look forward to seeing both greens at March Town full when we play our home games there and to meeting our new players.

We are very fortunate in having a full and active committee but we will need a Junior Vice President at our AGM In October of this year, so please start thinking now whether this could be you!

Good luck to you all in the coming season both at Newark and Skegness and hope we can build on the fantastic success of Bobbie Wabe our National U25 Champion at Skegness last year and our tremendous run in the Donald Steward last season with 10 more points than the previous season, finishing a creditable 4th overall.

Thank you all for your support and look forward to seeing you this season, either as a player or spectator.