2009 Latest News

Eversley ~ North Cambs v Northants at W.I.B.C Sunday 6th December; 92 - 71 shots loss, 2 - 12 points.
Doug Thorpe, Keith Bellamy, Eric Clarke 19 - Northants 25
Paul Bennett, Ken Green, Terry Semper 18 - Northants 14
Ray Blackmore, Kevin Cole, John Fox 17 - Northants 25
Den Dawson, Eric Dilnot, John Hines 17 - Northants 28

Eversley  ~ North Cambs v Lincolnshire at W.I.B.C Sunday 22nd November, 110 to 63 shots win, 13 points to 1 point.
Ray Blackmore, Kevin Cole, John Fox 39      Linc's 9
Den Dawson, Eric Dilnot, John Hines 26        Linc's 26
Paul Bennett, Ken Green, Terry Semper 24   Linc's 15
Doug Thorpe, Keith Bellhamy, Eric Clarke 21 Linc's 13

Eric Clarke President North Cambs commented following the meal at MENDIS that he was very proud of how we had started this years Eversley games and hoped that their would be similar support for the forth coming game on 6th December against Northants and future Derbyshire games.

National EBF AGM ~ 21st November 2009, delegates, Eric Clarke, Ken Green, Derrick Cole and Eric Dilnot.

EBF Men's AGM ~ 25th October 2009, 3 Tuns Public House Wisbech

EWBF Ladies AGM ~ 1st October 2009, Wisbech Hockey Club.

Indoor competition draw now completed and displayed on W.I.D.B.C. notice board.

National EBF Outdoor Finals  Skegness 25th - 29th August ~ click HERE for copy of report and results.

Men's General meeting 6.00pm Saturday 1st August to discuss the future of the Adams and Newton teams.    

Held 5.00pm following the Men v Ladies on how we can generate more interest and support for the County Adams and Newton Teams for 2010.

A total of 14 people stopped behind to discuss this problem, only two of which were regular Adams players so there was no real feedback why there is lack of support for the Adams Team. Actions from the meeting:

1.       PB(Sec) to send an availability sheet for 2010 games by post to all known County Bowlers.

2.       Club Secretaries and Captains please advise of any new bowlers who would be interested in bowling for the County and PB(Sec) to write to them.

3.       President or NC official to attend Affiliated Club meetings and explain about North Cambs if invited.

4.       Ask each Affiliated Club to put forward a “rink of 3 players” that can play together in either Adams or Newton.

      Other players can still mix up but it was felt that some players want to play together.

5.       More publicity of the trial game to attract new players.

6.       Variable start times for local games say 10.30am? To be discussed at Skegness with other Counties.

7.       Reduce the number of rinks from 6 to either 4 or 5? To be discussed at Skegness with other Counties. 

The general feeling of all present was that we should do all we can to maintain two teams and not go the way of North Essex.

County Finals 17th, 18th, 19th July Tydd St Mary BC ~ click HERE for results.

North Cambs EBF Men entertained Norfolk in their first outdoor game of the season with the Adams at March Town BC and the Newton at St Lawrence BC. Both games were visited by the National EBF President David Nash and introduced to the teams and officers from both Counties. On a very hot day both teams played some excellent bowls with Norfolk winning both games but the Adams game was very close and North Cambs only lost overall by 7 shots.


Adams Team. Lost 167 to 174 shots

B Cole, R Fowler, K Cole 23 - Norfolk 32

J Fox, A McEwan, M Joyce 23 - Norfolk 39

K Green, D Dawson, R Daw 29 - Norfolk 31

J Noot, G Hudson, C Scotcher 34 - Norfolk 14

P Porter, T Semper, E Clarke 22 - Norfolk 33

A Jealous, D Stanton, P Butcher 36 Norfolk 24


Newton Team. Lost 122 to 214 shots

D Ralf, C Waterson, B Warren 20 - Norfolk 26

J Allenson, A Garlick, D Mann 15 - Norfolk 36

D Thorpe, D Stanton, K Bellamy 18 - Norfolk 57

P Morton, A Gower, A Wright 18 - Norfolk 37

R Barr, R Blackmore, D Turner 21 - Norfolk 34

J Well, D Wakefield, D Mayhew 31 - Norfolk 28

National EBF & EWBF Indoor Finals 2009  ~ Newark Indoor Bowls Club 21st - 25th April      

Click here for EBF & EWBF schedule for finals.

Christine Wadlow crowned EWBF singles champion at Newark on Saturday 25th April after 7 hours of bowls which included in the final of the Ladies Rinks, semi-final and final of Ladies Singles ~ well done.

Ladies Singles:       Christine Wadlow  beat Suffolk 21-17, Humberside 21-18 and in the final Durham 21-14                                 Ladies Triples:       Christine Wadlow, Jackie Hearle, Audrey Fairweather beat Linc's 21-12, Humberside 19-18 and lost in the final 7-25 to Cleveland.                                                                     

Ladies Pairs:           June Warren & Betty Norman lost to Norfolk 22-11      

Harry Carver:        North Cambs 7th out of 12 teams, 4 points and -5 shots                                                                               Men's Singles:        Eric Clarke lost 8-21 to Northumberland.                    

Men's Pairs:           John Hines & Ronnie Croxford beat Cleveland 22-19 but lost to North Essex 7-23

Men's Triples:       David Bailey, Ivan Edgeley, Nigel Carter lost to Northants 5-27

Mixed Triples:       John Hines, Ronnie Croxford, Jackie Hearle lost to Derbyshire 10-23                                                       Mixed Pairs:          David Bailey & Sheila Turner lost to North Essex 9-22                                                                                Under 25 Singles:  James Cole beat Cleveland 21-11 but lost to Northumberland 16-21

NCBA & NCWBA Indoor Competitions 2009:

Results of Finals played at Wisbech Indoor Bowls Club

Friday 27th ~ 6.30pm

Men's Pairs:           J Hines & R Croxford beat J Cole & K Cole 21 ~ 16

Ladies Singles:       C Wadlow  beat J Hearle 22 ~ 10

Saturday 28th ~ 12.00pm

Ladies Triples:       C Wadlow, J Hearle, A Fairweather beat B Norman, J Warren, J Dawson 26 ~ 7

Men's Triples:       D Bailey, I Edgeley, N Carter beat R Jackson, R Croxford, J Hines 18 ~ 15

Saturday 28th ~ 3.00pm

Mixed Triples:       J Hines, R Croxford, J Hearle  beat R Jackson, J Bates, C Wadlow 22 ~ 7

Men's Singles:        E Clarke beat R Allen 21 ~ 19

Sunday 1st ~ 10am

Ladies Pairs:           J Warren & B Norman beat  C Wadlow & J Hearle  17 ~ 16

Sunday 1st ~ 12.00pm

Mixed Pairs:          D Bailey & S Turner  beat R Jackson & C Wadlow 19 ~17        


Derbyshire games 6 x 3

11th Jan 09 - Hunt's HOME & AWAY - North Cambs won 139 - 133 shots & 17 - 5 points

24th Jan 09 - Linc's HOME & AWAY -North Cambs lost 155 - 108 shots & 2 - 20 points

14th Feb 09 - Northants HOME & AWAY-North Cambs lost 139 - 119 shots & 2 - 20 points

8th Mar 09 - Norfolk HOME & AWAY - North Cambs lost 114 - 169 shots & 0 - 22 points

Eversley game 4 x 3

22nd Feb 09 – Norfolk HOME - North Cambs won 97 - 79 shots & 12 - 2 points

NCBA Outdoor Competitions 2009:

The draw has been completed and competitors being advised. See full details on Outdoor competitions page.

NCBA Trial game Adams and Newton:

Saturday 16th May 2.00pm at March Town to allow selection for the first county game 30th May v Norfolk at home.


NCBA Adams and Newton games 2009: all games 2pm start but must be on the green ready for 1.45pm.

30th May – NORFOLK home.     EBF National President David Nash will attend this game.

6th June – HUNTS away.

13th June - LINC’S home.                       

20th June – SUFFOLK away.

27th June – NORTH ESSEX home.         

4th July – NORTHANTS away.


NCBA & NCWBA Outdoor Finals 2009:

Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July at Tydd St Mary BC.

National EBF Outdoor Finals ~ Skegness 22nd - 29th August 2009


NCWBA Outdoor competitions 2009:

Competition entries closed 5th March 2009, draw to be completed and competitors advised.


NCWBA Spring Meeting:

7.30pm Thursday 5th March 2009 at Wisbech Town Hockey Club.


NCWBA Presidents Day 2009:

2pm Saturday 23rd May at Tydd St Mary


NCWBA Donald Stewart and Silver Vase games 2009:

1.00pm Tuesday 9th June – NORTH ESSEX away.       

1.00pm Saturday 13th June -  HUNTS home.      

1.30pm Wednesday 17th June - NORTHANTS away.      

1.00pm Saturday 27th June – LINC’S home.  EWBF National President Val Swann will be attend this game.

1.00pm Wednesday 15th July – SUFFOLK away.          

1.00pm Saturday 4th July – NORFOLK home.