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Updated 8th August 2022

Joseph Gowler EBF President 2021 - 2022
'It is a great honour becoming your president for 2021-2023. Firstly, I would like to extend a thank-you to Matt Hewitt for all he did as President during a difficult time (Covid-19) and I look forward to working alongside ladies President Sandra Chandler.
My principal focus during my time as President is to integrate old traditions with a more modern outlook so that, with the help of County Captain Matt Hewitt, the County can go from strength to strength not only competing in but aiming to win the Derbyshire and the Newton.            Finally, I also wish to build on last years successes at Newark and Skegness. #upthenorthcambs'

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Sandra Chandler EWBF President 2021-23 
Has had to resign due to ill health and
Margaret Hunt will be President & Vice President.                          
I am both honoured  and excited to represent North Cambs as lady president, I would like to thank Sue Tolliday for the great job she did as president for 2018-21, it was a very difficult time due to the pandemic but she did our county proud.
I am very much looking forward to working alongside our men's president Joseph Gowler and I am sure that with the support of all fellow bowlers and officials we will have a successful season. I am very grateful to all the ladies that have taken on new roles to keep our county running, I offer my sincere thanks. To my vice president  Margaret Hunt and junior vice Margaret  Pearce, I am looking forward to working along side you both. I am very hopeful  that we will be able to field teams for both the vase and Donald Steward and would like to take this opportunity to thank all ladies that are giving their support. 
Thank you all, and I hope we have a happy and healthy season
My best wishes, Sandra Chandler