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CONTACT US & LINKS to other Bowls Sites

To contact the North Cambs EBF click on the link bennett-p6@sky.com

County Secretary Paul Bennett      01945 480857


Useful bowls links

National EBF                                                http://www.fedbowls.co.uk

National Bowls Child Protection Policy       http://www.bowlschildprotect.co.uk/

Cleveland EBF                                             CCBA Cleveland County Bowling Association (wixsite.com)

Derbyshire EBF                                           http://www.ebfderbyshire.co.uk/

Durham EBF                                                Home | dcebf (wixsite.com)

Humberside EBF                                        no current website

Huntingdonshire EBF                                  http://huntsbowlsfed.wordpress.com/

Lincolnshire EBF                                        http://www.lincolnindoorbowlsclub.co.uk/ClubHome.aspx?ClubID=24

Norfolk EBF                                                www.norfolkfedbowls.org.uk/

Northamptonshire EBF                              http://www.northantsbowlingfederation.co.uk/

North Essex EBF                                       http://necbf.co.uk/

Northumberland EBF                               Northumberland County Bowling Association Three-A-Side - Home (ncba-threeaside.com)

Nottinghamshire EBF                                 http://www.nfbl.co.uk/

Nottinghamshire EWBF                             http://www.nottsfedladies.co.uk/ 

Suffolk EBF                                                 http://suffolkcountybowlsassociation.org/index.html

Northern EBF Counties - Humberside, Derbyshire, Cleveland & Durham  http://www.communigate.co.uk/ne/ncba3aside/links.phtml

Directory of World Wide Bowls Clubs            http://bowlsclub.org/

English Outdoor Bowling Association             http://www.bowlsengland.com/

English Indoor Bowling Association                http://www.eiba.co.uk/

English Bowls Umpires Association                http://www.ebua.org.uk/About%20Us/aboutus.htm

Potters Holidays                                               http://pottersholidays.com/

Anglia Bowls                                                     http://angliabowls.co.uk/

Taylor Bowls                                                     http://www.taylorbowls.com/

Bowls International                                          http://www.bowlsinternational.com/

Health Benefits of playing bowls & Bowls.co.uk           https://www.bowls.co.uk/health-benefits-of-playing-bowls