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North Cambs County outdoor finals ~ March Town 20th, 21st and 22nd July 2018 ~ to print a programme click here

The North Cambs. EBF Men's and Women's County Finals take place at March Town BC with winners going forward to represent the County at the National EBF Championships in August at Skegness.
With Margaret Hunt Gorefield BC is in 8 finals and Tony Harley March Town in 5 there will be 9 sessions which includes the County Cup.

Friday 20th

1830 Ladies 3 Wood Triples June Warren Debra Wright Margaret Hunt (Gorefield) v Jane Clifton Sandra Chandler Sue Tolliday (CMB)

Men’s 2 Wood Singles Simon Peach (King William) v Jonny Ivatt (Gedney Hill)

Saturday 21st

1000 Ladies Secretary Singles Glenda Bevis (March Town) v Margaret Hunt (Gorefield)

Ladies 2 Wood Triples Lynne Quibell Jackie Hearle Christine Johnston (Tilney St Lawrence) v Jane Clifton Sandra Chandler Sue Tolliday (CMB)

Men’s C of C Charlie Waling (Emneth) v Andy Hailes (CMB)

1200 Men’s Pairs Nigel Eagle Andrew Overton (Murrow) v Ian Lawson Jonny Ivatt (Gedney Hill)

Ladies 2 Wood Singles Paula Kleyn (Gorefield) v Margaret Hunt (Gorefield)

Men’s 3 Wood Triples John Fox Andy Hailes Matt Hewitt (CMB) v Peter Butcher Tony Harley Lee Miller (March Town)

1400 Ladies 4 Wood Singles Jane Clifton (CMB) v Margaret Hunt (Gorefield)

Men’s Under 25 Singles Jake Gowler (Emneth) v Joe Gowler (Emneth)

Men’s Senior Singles Tony Harley (March Town) v Charlie Waling (Emneth)

1600 Ladies Pairs Lynne Quibell Jackie Hearle (Tilney St Lawrence) v Debra Wright Margaret Hunt ( Gorefield)

Men’s Secretary Singles Paul Bennett (CMB) v Peter Irons (Tilney St Lawrence)

Under 25 Pairs Jake Gowler Joe Gowler (Emneth) W/O

Sunday 22nd

1000 Ladies C of C Betty Reeve (Gorefield) v Sue Tolliday (CMB)

Ladies Senior Singles Angela Jordan (Gorefield) v Margaret Hunt (Gorefield)

Men’s 2 Wood Triples Dave Burgess Ian Lawson Jonny Ivatt (Gedney Hill) v Tony Harley Peter Butcher Mick Carter (March Town)

1200 Mixed Pairs Nigel Eagle (Murrow) Cheryl Salisbury (March Town) v Chris Wright (Gorefield) Margaret Hunt (Gorefield)

Men’s 4 Wood Singles Kevin Cole (Murrow) v Peter Butcher (March Town)

Senior Mixed Pairs Sandra Chandler (CMB) Tony Harley (March Town) v Paul Bennett (CMB) Trudy Bennett (CMB)

1400 Ladies Senior Pairs Jackie Hearle Lynne Quibell (Tilney St Lawrence) v June Warren Margaret Hunt (Gorefield)

Mixed Triples Bob Grounds Tony Reed (Murrow)Wendy Featherstone (Gorefield) v Mick Carter Tony Harley (March Town) Sandra Chandler (CMB)

Men’s Senior Pairs Peter Porter (sub for Arthur Bullock) John Wells (King William) v Andy McEwan Mel Joyce (CMB)

1600 County Cup CMB v Gorefield



North Cambs. played their final game of the season at Sudbury BC against North Essex and won 3 rinks but lost overall shots by 22, very close games.

As all games this season game played in glorious sunshine, the hottest yet on a dry brown green with very little grass and very quick green.

Thanks must go to all the players who have helped out during the season and stepped in at the last minute when others have dropped out.
Stewart Woodcock played all six games of the season earning his County badge and Adams flash.
Ted Hurlock County badge and Adams flash.
Matt Hewitt County badge and Adams flash.
Charlie Bothamley County badge.
Adams flash awards, David Donaldson, Eric Moore, Malcolm Oliver, Charlie Waling, Mike Gollands
Allen Richardson who completed the team on Tuesday for his first game and won the spoons.
Jock Findley who stepped this Thursday for his first game  when someone dropped out.
Harold Reeve who has been at every game as reserve, score recorder, money sorter and yesterday came on as sub when David Crocket felt unwell with the heat.

A Richardson, T Hurlock, P Cross won 36 - 18
D Donaldson, P Bennett, C Waling lost 20 - 35
E Clarke, L. Smith, D Thorpe won 30 – 27

A Overton, T Reed, S Woodcock won 23 – 22

D Crocket/H Reeve, J Findley, M Oliver lost 18 – 28
C Bothamley, C Newby, A Kleyn, lost 20 – 38

North Cambs. 147 (6 points) v North Essex 169 (16 points)

North Cambs next game is Men v Ladies 2.00 pm Saturday 28th July at Gorefield, all welcome.


Message from Lynne Quibell Donald Steward Captain to North Cambs Ladies.

Hi all
I have worked with computers and statistics for a fair amount of my working like and thought you would all like to see how we are doing in the Donald Steward
Obviously my records only go back to 2016 so here goes

2016 - 5 winning rinks and 10 points
2017 won 1 and got 18 points with -199 shots
2018 won 1 and over the 5 games got 30 points and -57 shots

so doing very much better
Congratulations to all

Enjoy the rest of the season


North Cambs EWBF Donald Steward v Northants
Final game of season played at March Town BC Wednesday 4th July, 2 winning rinks
Margaret Hunt, Sue Tolliday and Jackie Hearle won 23-18 and
Wendy Featherstone, Debra Wright and Lynne Quibell won 26-23
Betty Norman's rink lost by 3 shots
Betty Reeve's by 2 shots and
Sandra Chandler's rink lost too

This year we have 29 points and -57 shots compared with 2017 of 18 points and -199 shots so very well done



North Cambs. played their fifth game of the season at March Town BC to Suffolk the current National Adams champions from 2017 and lost on all 6 rinks by 99 shots. The game was again played in glorious sunshine on a dry brown green with very little grass on the quickest green any of the players have seen this year.

Three of the rinks were in contention to win at 25 ends but faded over the last 6 ends to loose close games by 5, 7 and 7 shots.
Having taken all the points from the game Suffolk are now the Southern area champions and will play the Northern winners at the National EBF outdoor finals on Saturday 18th August at Skegness.
D Donaldson, P Bennett, C Waling lost 22 - 27

M Gollands, M Oliver, K Cole lost 24 – 31

A Overton, T Reed, S Woodcock lost 24 – 31

B King, T Hurlock, P Cross lost 11 - 46
C Bothamley, C Newby, A Kleyn, lost 19 – 44
E Clarke, L. Smith, D Thorpe lost 18 – 37

North Cambs. 116 (0 points) v Suffolk 215 (22 points)
The next North Cambs Adams game is away at Sudbury BC v North Essex on Saturday 7th July. 


NORTH CAMBS E.W.B.F. Donald Steward v Hunts

The game was played at Somersham Town versus Hunts was 104 to 108, with last year the score was 106 - 102 - so a reversal of last year's result
It was a very hot day and North Cambs won on 3 of the 5 rinks;
Betty Norman 26-20 (thimbles - well actually coasters)
Lynne Quibell 22 - 21
Sandra Chandler 23 - 19
Betty Reeves 15 -24

Margaret Hunt 18-24
The last game of the season is Wednesday 4th July at March Town against Northants.


North Cambs. played their fourth game of the season away to Linc's at Burton House BC and lost on all 6 rinks by 119 shots.

One of the North Cambs rinks was in contention with 5 ends to play but drifted away to be the best rink loosing by 6 shots in a game which was played in glorious sunshine on by far the quickest green anyone from North Cambs have seen this year.

C Bothamley, C Newby, A Kleyn, lost 15 – 52

E Moore, M Gollands, K Cole lost 26 – 46

P Bennett, A Hailes, J Ivatt lost 12 - 37

D Donaldson, M Oliver ,C Waling lost 25 - 31

A Overton, T Reed, S Woodcock lost 22 – 35

E Clarke, L. Smith, D Thorpe lost 25 – 39

North Cambs. 119 (0 points) v Linc's 238 (22 points)

The next Adams game is home at March Town BC v Suffolk on Saturday 30th June.

The E.B.F. National President, Trevor Harris from Derbyshire, watched as North Cambs. played their third game of the season against Hunts at March town BC losing by 69 shots, they had two winning rinks.

C Bothamley, C Newby, C Waling lost 22 – 30

B King, A Kleyn, K Cole won 37 – 29 (spoons)

P Cross, M Hewitt, A Hailes lost 20 – 36

M Gollands, D Donaldson, M Oliver lost 17 - 44

A Overton, T Reed, S Woodcock won 27 – 24

E Clarke, L. Smith, D Thorpe lost 19 – 48

North Cambs. 142 (4 points) v Hunts 211 (18 points)

The next Adams game is at away v Lincs. on Saturday 23rd June.

EWBF Donald Steward

Wednesday 13th June 2018 against Suffolk in the Donald Steward game
there were 2 very close rinks which both lost by -3 and 1 by -7 which was a good result
Suffolk are a hard team to get any points against
our next game is in 2 weeks time away at Somersham Town bowls club against Hunts


North Cambs played their second game of the season against Norfolk at Holt BC and despite loosing by 79 shots they had two winning rinks which is a good result against Norfolk.

P Bennett, M Hewitt, A Hailes won 31 – 21 (spoons)

E Clarke, L. Smith, D Thorpe won 33 – 25

M Gollands, D Donaldson C Waling lost 17 - 49

D Thomas, C Newby, T Hurlock lost 13 – 47

E Moore, K Cole, S Woodcock lost 18 – 33

C Bothamley, A Kleyn, P Cross lost 27 – 38

C Bothamley received his County badge, Ted Hurlock, M Gollands and C Waling received their Adams flashes.

North Cambs 134 (4 points) v Norfolk 213 (18 points)

The next Adams game is at home March Town BC v Hunts on Saturday 16th June.

Donald Steward v North Essex

Game no. 2 was versus North Essex on 6th June 2018 at March Town 

Last year this game was played in torrential rain as the green keeper said “it was playable”

And as a result it was a whitewash

This year played in glorious sunshine we had 4 winning rinks and a drawn rink

The rink of Margaret, Sue and Jackie had the highest winning rink of +27 and got the thimbles - again

The overall score was 132 – 85 – a much deserved result.

Donald Steward v Norfolk

Game no. 1 was versus Norfolk at County Arts on 31st May 2018

We had a winning rink – Margaret Hunt, Sue Tolliday and Jackie Hearle who won by 2 shots

3 of the other rinks lost by -2, -3, -4

Which was a much better result than last year with the overall score being 86 - 120


The first match of the season took place on Saturday 25th March, 2018 @ CMB Bowls Club in Wisbech.

Players from several clubs affiliated to North Cambs entertained local rivals Northants E.B.F.

The opposition proved the stronger and won on all 6 rinks taking all of the 22 points available.

B. King, L. Smith & M. Oliver lost 22 – 36

M. Gollands, B. Plater & C. Waling lost 18 - 32

D. Thomas, C. Newby & T. Hurlock lost 11 – 38

P. Bennett, A. Hailes & D. Thorpe lost 24 – 44

A. Overton, T. Reed & S. Woodcock lost 21 – 30

C. Bothamley, A. Kleyn & P. Cross lost 19 – 32

North Cambs 115 (0 points) v Northants 212 (22 points)

North Cambs EBF & EWBF National Indoor Finals ~ Newark

North Cambs county indoor champions competed at the National Finals at Newark last week with mixed results and lost all first round games. Jackie Wilkes (Parson Drove) had a bye in the first round but beat Linda Blake Norfolk in the ladies singles and 2006 Champion 21 – 16 in her 2nd round game. In the semi final Jackie played Annie Lennie current 2017 and 5 time champion lead 19 -16 but was unable to get the final 2 shots and lost a very close game 21 – 19. Annie Lennie went on to win the final against Durham 21 – 11.

Ladies Triples R1, Betty Reeve, June Warren, Jill Griffin lost 30 – 4 v Nottinghamshire.

Men's Triples R1. Bob Grounds, Matt Hewitt (sub), Tony Reed lost 20 – 13 v Suffolk.

Mixed Triples R2. Lynne Quibell, Frank Howard, David Bailey lost 25 – 14 v Cleveland.

Men’s 4 wood Singles R1. Matt Hewitt lost 21 – 10 v Nottinghamshire.

Ladies Pairs R1. Lynne Quibell & Wendy Featherstone lost 18 – 8 v Derbyshire.

Men's Senior Singles R1, Charlie Waling lost 21 – 5 v Nottinghamshire.

Ladies Singles R2. Jacqueline Wilkes won 21 – 16 v Norfolk and lost semi final 21 – 19 v Northumberland.

Men's Pairs R1, Bob Grounds & Tony Reed lost 25 – 8 v Norfolk.

Mixed Pairs R2, Betty Reeve & Len Smith lost 20 – 17 on the last end to Norfolk.

Ladies Senior Singles R1. Pauline Adams withdrew from the competition.

North Cambs EWBF played in the Harry Carver competition on Monday and EBF played in the Eversley on Sunday. 

National EBF & EWBF Indoor finals Newark ~ click here EBF programme  click here EWBF programme    click here All North Cambs games.

North Cambs EBF & EWBF v Hudson IBC played to EBA rules, annual friendly game played Sunday 8th April with North Cambs winning 71 - 64

North Cambs winning team Trophy presented to EWBF President Betty by Nancy West

North Cambs EBF & EWBF Indoor Finals ~ Hudson IBC Wisbech RESULTS

Friday 16th February 6.15pm

Men’s 4 wood Singles. Matt Hewitt  23 v Andy Hailes 5

Ladies Singles. Jacqueline Wilkes 21 v Betty Reeve 11

Ladies Senior Singles. Pauline Adams 21 v Angela Jordan 7

Mixed Triples. Lynne Quibell, Frank Howard, David Bailey 23 v Bob Grounds, Wendy Featherstone, Tony Reed 10

Sunday 17th February 10.00am

Men's Triples. Malcolm Oliver, Harold Reeve, Len Smith 17 v Bob Grounds, Jon Ivatt, Tony Reed 24
Ladies Pairs. Lynne Quibell & Wendy Featherstone 23  Jill Griffin & Angela Jordan 9
Ladies Triples, W/o Betty Reeve, June Warren, Jill Griffin

Sunday 12.15pm

Men's Pairs, Bob Grounds & Tony Reed 19 v Matt Hewitt & Andy Hailes 12

Mixed Pairs, Betty Reeve & Len Smith 16 v Lynne Quibell & David Bailey 15

Men's Senior Singles, Eric Clarke 14 v Charlie Waling 21

Thanks to Hudson IBC Wisbech for hosting these finals, for the umpires John Fox and Colin Griffin for their time and Margaret Peirce for organising the raffle to pay for the use of Hudson IBC Wisbech over the weekend.

County winners will represent North Cambs at the National EBF & EWBF indoor final Newark between 24th and 28th April 2018

North Cambs Derbyshire games.

Over the past four weekends North Cambs have played their last Derbyshire indoor games of the season with the following results.

14th January ~ Hunts away at Huntingdon IBC ~ Hunts 133 shots to North Cambs 62 shots with no winning rinks.

21st January ~ Northants away at Stamford IBC ~ Northants 137 shots to North Cambs 56 shots with no winning rinks.

28th January ~ Lincolnshire at home Hudson IBC Wisbech ~ Linc’s 112 shots to North Cambs 76 shots with one winning rink. Andy McEwan, Eric Moore and Mel Joyce 24 – 17

4th February ~ Norfolk at home Hudson IBC Wisbech ~ Norfolk 136 shots to North Cambs 55 shots with no winning rinks.

Thanks go to The Hudson IBC Wisbech for allowing North Cambs to use their facilities, the people who provided the refreshments at home games, the Derbyshire Captains Jon Ivatt and Tony Reed and all the North Cambs players who made themselves available and played in these games.

The next North Cambs activity will be the Indoor County Finals at The Hudson IBC Wisbech on Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th February. Winners will then represent North Cambs at the National EBF & EWBF Indoor finals in Newark between 24th and 28th April.

Derbyshire v Northants "B" ~ 7th January 2018 Hudson IBC Wisbech

The North Cambridgeshire Bowling Association competed in their first Derbyshire game of the indoor season against Northants “B” at Hudson IBC Wisbech and whilst the game was very even at around 18 ends North Cambs fell away loosing on 3 rinks and winning on one.

Final results was North Cambs 69 shots, 2 points and Northants “B” 128 shots 12 points.

Paul Bennett, Andrew Overton, Jon Ivatt 13 ~ J Holroyd 31

Eric Clarke, David Peach, Phil Cross 9 ~ J Earl 46

Andy McEwan, Eric Moore, Mel Joyce 19 ~ M Linnell 34

Matt Hewitt, Andy Hails, Neil Parnell 28 ~ P Brown 17 (Spoons)
Photo below shows the North Cambs winning rink.

Left to right Paul Bennett North Cambs Secretary, Tony Mace Northants President, Neil Parnell, Andy Hailes and Matt Hewitt

North Cambs next game is away to Hunts at Huntingdon IBC on Sunday 14th January 2018


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