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Derbyshire v Northants "A" ~ 24th November 2019
Played at Stamford Indoor Bowls Club.
R1 ~ D Bailey, D Stanton, N Eagle 21 v J Hartford 24
R2 ~ S Engledow, F Howard, R Allen 15 v S Law 34
R3 ~ J Gowler, T Reed, B Grounds 15 v M Dolby 32
R4 ~ A Hailes, N Parnell, I Lawson 17 v T Morton 28
Northants 118 shots, 14 points. North Cambs 68 shots, 0 points.
Next game 10am Sunday 5th January 2020 at Sutton St James v Northants "B"

Derbyshire v Hunts away ~ 27th October 2019
Played at Huntingdon Indoor Bowls Club.

R1- R Jepson 16, Joseph Gowler, Tony Reed & Bob Grounds 30 (Spoons)

R2- J Hignett 25, Matthew Hewitt, Jock Findlay & Matthew Fox 25

R3- T Swannell 20, David Bailey, Simon Peach & Nigel Eagle 25
R4- L Swannell 32, Len Smith, Frankie Howard & Andy Hailes 8

Huntingdonshire 93 shots, 9 points. North Cambs 88 shots, 5 points.
Very disappointing that we can win on 2 rinks, draw on 1, rink points 3 to 5 but because we lost by 5 shots Hunts get 6 points for shots win!!

North Cambs Federation Outdoor Championships Skegness ~ Bobbie Dazzler
Bobbie Wabe was crowned the 5th North Cambs U25 singles National Champion on her debut at Skegness.
14 year old Bobbie from Marshland St James BC was given two byes in the opening rounds by non appearance of opposition but played brilliantly in the semi final against Northumberland and won on a very close measure on the 32nd end to win 21-20. In the final against Louise Harris Northants it was very even in the earlier ends but Bobbie took the lead with Louise on 16 shots and then closed out the game with out dropping another shot.
Previous North Cambs winners have been Annie Savage 1990, Paul Andrew 1991, Allan Nelson 1995 and 1996.

We also had 3 losing semi finalists,
Mixed pairs Doreen Miller & Lee Miller (March Town) v Derbyshire won 21-12, v Humberside won 20-15, semi-final v Hunts loosing finalists lost 17-16
Men Secretaries Joseph Gowler (Emneth) v Cleveland won 21-19  but lost semi final 21-15 to Notts Champion.
Mixed senior pairs Sarah Price & Charlie Wailing (Emneth) v Norfolk won 20-18, v Notts won 17-12, semi final lost 27-6 v Northants Champions.

There were 6 first round winners,
Ladies 4 wood singles Jane Clifton (CMB) v Northants won 22-16 v Durham lost 21-7

Ladies senior pairs Lyn Humphreys & Jane Clifton (CMB) v Humberside won 19-15 v Hunts Champions lost 18-14
Mixed triples Annie Savage, Jane Clifton & Simon Peach (CMB & St Lawrence) v Northants won 18-14, v Northumberland Champions lost 28-14
Men 3 wood triples Jon Ivatt, Dave Burgess & Ian Lawson (Gedney Hill) v North Essex won 15-12, lost 21-16 to Northants Champions.
Ladies Secretaries Margaret Hunt (Gorefield) v Durham won 21-18 v Hunts lost 21-13
Ladies 2 wood triples June Warren, Debra Wright & Margaret Hunt (Gorefield) v Durham won 21-12 v Cleveland Champions lost 24-7
Men 2 wood triples Stuart Woodcock, Tony Reed & Bob Ground (Murrow) v Durham lost 22-19 on extra end.
Men pairs Kevin Beavis & Peter Butcher (March Town) v Suffolk loosing semi finalists lost 22-12
Men senior pairs Paul Bennett & Tony Hickson (CMB) lost 16-13 to Linc's loosing finalists.
Ladies pairs June Hailes & Sue Tolliday (CMB) v Hunts loosing finalists lost 20-9
Ladies senior singles Margaret Hunt (Gorefield) v Suffolk lost 21-20
Ladies 3 wood triples Irene Carter, Paula Kleyn & Wendy Featherstone (Gorefield) v Notts lost 19-16
Men champion of champions Tony Reed (Murrow) v Derbyshire lost 23-18
Men U26 singles ~ Jake Gowler (Emneth) v Northants finalist lost 21-8 
Men 2 wood singles Tony Reed (Murrow) v Northumberland lost 21-17 
Open U25 pairs Jake Gowler & Joseph Gowler (Emneth) v Cleveland lost 21-8
Ladies champion of champions Margaret Hunt (Gorefield) v Suffolk lost 21-6
Men senior singles Tony Harley (March Town)v lost 21-18
Ladies 2 wood singles Margaret Hunt (Gorefield) v Northants lost 21-17
Men 4 wood singles Tony Reed (Murrow) v Northants lost 21-11

EBF & EWBF National Outdoor Championships ~ Skegness advance notice

EBF programme click HERE      EWBF programme click HERE    North Cambs programme of 1st & 2nd round game click HERE

Federation website http://www.fedbowls.co.uk/ is showing all games and rinks as official programme.

County Outdoor Finals Programme and results Upwell BC ~ Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July

Friday 19th 
6.30 pm
Ladies 2 Wood triples ~ June Warren, Debra Wright & Margaret Hunt 24 v Sue Tolliday, Jane Clifton & Sandra Chandler 23 after an extra end.
Saturday 20th
10.00 am
Men's Secretary's ~ Joseph Gowler 21 v David Thomas 19
Ladies Secretary's ~ Margaret Hunt 21 v Chris Gollands 13
Ladies Senior Pairs ~ Jackie Hearle & Lynne Quibell 17 v Lyn Humphreys & Jane Clifton 18
12.00 noon
Men's Senior Singles~ Tony Harley 21 v Mel Joyce 10
Senior Mixed Pairs ~ Chris Gollands & Mick Gollands 7 v Sarah Price & Charlie Waling 23
Ladies Pairs ~ Debra Wright & Margaret Hunt 14 v June Hailes & Sue Tolliday 18
2.00 pm
Men's 2 Wood Singles ~ Jonny Ivatt 10 v Tony Reed 21
Ladies 4 Wood Singles ~ Paula Kleyn 16 v Jane Clifton 21
Ladies Senior Singles ~ Margaret Hunt 21 v Sue Tolliday 14
Men's 2 Wood Triples ~ Stuart Woodcock, Tony Reed & Bob Ground 24 v Jake Gowler, Joseph Gowler & Charlie Waling 16
Mixed Triples ~ Tony Harley, Sandra Chandler & Mike Carter  15 v Annie Savage, Jane Clifton & Simon Peach 18
Ladies Champion of Champions ~ Margaret Hunt 21 v Chris Gollands 15
Sunday 21st 
10.00 am
Men's 4 Wood Singles ~ Tony Reed 21 v Ian Lawson 18
Ladies 2 Wood Singles ~ Margaret Hunt 16 v Jane Clifton 7 game conceded.
Men's Senior Pairs ~ Tony Harley & Keith Hunt 11 v Tony Hickson & Paul Bennett 23
12.00 noon
Mixed Pairs ~ Doreen Miller & Lee Miller 22 v Jane Clifton & Mike Carter 19
Men's Pairs ~ Tony Reed & Bob Ground 15 v Kevan Beavis & Peter Butcher 22
Ladies 3 Wood Triples ~ June Warren, Debra Wright & Margaret Hunt 8 v Irene Carter, Paula Kleyn & Wendy Featherstone 20
2.00 pm
Under 25 Singles ~ Jake Gowler 21 v Joseph Gowler 17
Men's 3 Wood Triples ~ Kevan Beavis, Tony Harley & Peter Butcher 4 v Jonny Ivatt, Dave Burgess & Ian Lawson 19
Men's Champion of Champions ~ Simon Peach 18 v Tony Reed 21
4.00 pm
County Cup ~ March Town 102 v St Lawrence 88

Under 25 Pairs ~ Joseph & Jake Gowler W/O
Ladies Under 25 Singles ~ Bobbie Wabe W/O
Winners of these championships will represent North Cambs in the National EBF/EWBF finals at Skegness between 20th and 24th August 2019.

There will be bacon rolls, sandwiches, coffee, tea and full bar throughout the two days of the finals supplied by Upwell BC.

There will be a raffle, proceeds to be split between EBF & EWBF so please remember to bring a prize. (thanks 220 raised for EBF & EWBF county funds)

North Cambs Men v Ladies ~ Saturday 27th July Upwell BC CANCELLED

Statement from North Cambs EWBF President Sue Tolliday ~ Unfortunately due to holidays, family commitments and other games, the ladies have been unable to get a team this year. I understand that in previous years the men have had to play in the women’s team to make up the numbers, so we took the unprecedented decision to cancel the event rather than rearrange in the short time scale available between Finals weekend and Skegness.
This decision was not taken lightly and look forward to playing this event again next year. Many Thanks.

EWBF Donald Stewart final result in Southern section

Last game played 17th July North Essex v Northants which North Essex won, North Cambs team finished 4th.

DS - South         Rink Shots Shots Shot TOTAL
  P W D L Pts For Against Diff PTS
Suffolk 5 4 0 1 33 595 502 93 65
Norfolk 5 4 0 1 30 600 500 100 62
Northants 5 3 0 2 27 564 511 53 51
North Cambs 5 2 0 3 23 539 564 -25 39
Huntingdonshire 5 1 0 4 20 492 561 -69 28
North Essex 5 1 0 4 17 449 601 -152 25

EBF Newton Team final result in Southern section ~ creditable 3rd.

Newton – South         Rink Shots Shots Shot TOTAL
  P W D L Pts For Against Diff PTS
Suffolk 5 5 0 0 41 904 678 226 91
Lincolnshire 5 3 0 2 34 843 820 23 64
North Cambs 5 2 0 3 31 797 843 -46 51
Northants 5 2 0 3 23 773 846 -73 43
Huntingdonshire 5 2 0 3 22 741 834 -93 42
Norfolk 5 1 0 4 29 796 833 -37 39

North Cambs EWBF v Hunts ~ Wednesday 3rd July 2019at March Town BC

North Cambs ladies line up before their last game of the season at March Town yesterday against Hunts.  The overall score for N Cambs 124 - 100 Northants, a 14-4 points win.

Debra Wright, June Warren, Margaret Hunt 24-25

Jane Clifton, Sue Tolliday, Sandra Chandler 40-12 (thimbles)
Trudy Bennett, Betty Reeve, Betty Norman 23-22
Paula Kleyn, Christine Johnson, Christine Gollands 13-26
Wendy Featherstone, Lynne Quibell, Christine Wadlow 24-15

North Cambs EBF County Captain Marvellous Matt Hewitt end of season summary ~ 29th June 2019

When I took over as Captain at the start of the last indoor season, it was with much trepidation and more than a little reluctance – but I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of my tenure for both the Derbyshire and Newton Trophy campaigns.

I’d like to thank each and every one of the 39 bowlers I’ve used for the Newton Trophy matches, many of whom had stopped playing for the county due to a lack of competition for places, a reluctance to commit to a team likely to be thrashed every week, and many other reasons.

As I’ve stated from day one my aim is to restore the team so that we’re competitive, and encourage players to play for North Cambs. My feeling has always been that it should be an honour to be selected to play for your county, and not a given right because you’re available, you’ve got two bowls, a shirt, some stickers, and are fit enough to be able to complete 31 ends!

Of the 39 players who have played, at least 9 had never played for us before and made their debuts, including 5 in our emphatic and historic 22-0 win away to Northants! So, like me, continue to ignore the negative comments from some of the other counties who assumed – probably based on their own integrity and what they’d have done in our position – that we’d dropped down to the Newton in an attempt to qualify for Skegness. One President who shall remain nameless, and is one that did strongly object to us dropping down a level stated before our game against them that “it’s a good job that this isn’t our first game or I’d have played my Adams team against you”. Although completely within the rules to do so, I must say that I found this comment very hypocritical! 

Had I picked all Adams players as assumed by other teams, we may well have been very close to winning this trophy and qualifying for Skegness but we’d be in exactly the same position next year as when I took over. There needs to be some sense of belief in the team to make players want to play, and that starts by knowing that we can actually compete in these games.

The simple fact is that we are a fraction of the size of most of the counties we come up against. 196 players turned up for Norfolk’s trial. We don’t even have 196 players to choose from even if every single player from everyone of the 11 affiliated clubs made themselves available. Beating Norfolk 16-6 was extra special, and a real scalp.

So, how far have we come? According to Dick, the Northants President, we were the first team in history to beat Northants 22-0 on their own green. We beat Norfolk 16-6. The wheels fell off at Hemingford against Huntingdonshire but believe me, they played a very strong team against us. For those of you that don’t know, I played in Huntingdonshire for many years and knew many of the players you found yourselves up against – and an awful lot of them don’t normally play at Newton level. I had spoken to a friend a few days prior to the game and they were expecting us to beat them.  We lost 18-4, but it could have been very different as we only lost by 8 shots overall. How many times in recent history has another county team played little North Cambs not expecting to get at least 20 points from us? Lincolnshire were always going to be too strong but we still took five points from them with two winning and one drawn rink, as were Suffolk who beat us 18-4. It looks likely that we’ll finish a very creditable third in the league – ahead of Huntingdonshire, Northants and Norfolk – unless Norfolk manage to get 17 points from Northants in their last game – so well done.

39 players sounds like we’ve got enough for two teams, but we’re still a few short. I have written to 10 clubs in the area who do not currently affiliate asking them to consider doing so. I will also continue to badger players from affiliated clubs who are still reluctant to make themselves available and will continue to visit other affiliated clubs to speak to potential new players. I have made progress with this already and hopefully I have a few more in the pipeline for next season.

The decision on whether we’ve achieved our objective in being strong enough to enter two teams next season is one that will be made later by the powers that be, with guidance from myself.  It is only viable if each and every one of you continues to support me and your county.

So, once again, I thank you and all those others who showed a commitment to the team this season and I implore you to help us to keep the momentum going by continuing to give your full support next season as well.

Hopefully I’ll remain as captain but this will be decided at the AGM in October. I ‘m new to this and haven’t got everything right by any stretch of the imagination, but I stand by what I am trying to achieve. Most of the goals I set myself are some way to being accomplished.

If anyone thinks they can do a better job, please don’t be shy in coming forward. I have a young family at home and really wouldn’t mind stepping down. You now have a real platform to work with. If we do enter two teams of course, we’re going to need two.

Matthew Hewitt

NCBA County Captain 2019

North Cambs EBF v Suffolk ~ Saturday 29th June 2019 at Halesworth Angle BC

On a very hot day North Cambs played Suffolk, leaders of the EBF Newton Trophy southern area league and at 10 ends were up overall by 5 shots which caused concern with the Suffolk officials. The heat then had an effect on the team and we slipped away to loose 191 to 136 shots, winning two rinks and taking 4 points to 18.

President Phil Cross presented spoons to the winning rink Kevin Cole, Daniel Foreman and Neil Parnell who were the best rink of count back of end won 16 to 15. He also presented Captain Matt Hewitt with his County badge and Adams flash which was missed last year.

Matt Hewitt addressed the team following the game and expressed his thanks to all the 39 bowlers who have played for North Cambs over the 5 games.       This season has been a tremendous performance, winning two games against Hunts and Norfolk and taking points off both Linc's and Suffolk and ending the season in 3rd place with -46 shots and 51 points. Over the past two seasons in the Adams Trophy it has been 2018 -345 shots and 14 points and in 2017 -518 shots and 19 points. We are only a small county with 11 affiliated clubs but I have recently written to 10 other clubs in the area encouraging them to join us and build on this success to again have sufficient players to allow North Cambs to again compete in both the Adams and Newton leagues.

L Smith, C Newby, A Kleyn 17 ~ G Buckingham 44

C Waling, J Gowler, D Stanton 22 ~ A Chinery 36

K Cole, D Foreman, N Parnell 25 ~ S Church 23 (spoons)

M Hewitt, C Bothamley, S Peach 29 ~ C Jerry 27

P Cross, A McEwan, R Rawson 23 ~ S Thorpe 31

P Bennett, M Oliver, A Hailes 20 ~ M Topping 30

North Cambs EBF County appearances.

Since 1996 John Fox started and then I have continued to kept a list of county appearances in Adams, Newton and Derbyshire games which I update following each game. The list has now been moved to the Men's Results page.

North Cambs EWBF v Northants ~ Wednesday 26th June 2019 at Ketton BC

North Cambs ladies struggled to find the heavy green at Ketton v Northants on Wednesday, and lost the game 144 shots to 93.  One rink drew which resulted in an overall points loss of 17-1. 
Results: June Warren, Debra Wright, Margaret Hunt 14 - 31;
Christine Johnson, Paula Kleyn, Chris Gollands 18 - 35;
Trudy Bennett, Betty Reeve, Betty Norman 20 -20 (Thimbles);
Jane Clifton, Sue Tolliday, Sandra Chandler 18 - 28;
Jackie Hearle, Lynne Quibell, Christine Wadlow 23 - 30

North Cambs EBF v Linc's ~ Saturday 22nd June 2019

North Cambs EBF played their 4th game of their outdoor Newton season at Upwell against Lincolnshire which was very close up to 20 ends but with the heat lost their way and lost 162 - 196 shots, 5 - 17 points.

David Thomas, Roger Rawson, Simon Peach 26 - J Lewis 31

Andrew Overton, Tim Tomizzi, Ian Lawson 29 - N Cherry 28

Mick Gollands, Jock Findley, Daniel Stanton 20 - S Tinker 35

Chris Pope, Charlie Waling, Roy Pope 34 - P Roberts 30 (Spoons)

Michael Jackman, Trevor Manton, Neil Parnell 23 - B Veasey 42

David Donaldson, Tonty Reed, Andy Hailes 30 - J Lewis 30

National EBF President Mick Rayson was in attendance with Ron Adams Upwell BC. Paul Bennett, Matt Hewitt, Phil Cross, Terry Walker and Nigel Cherry.

Again a very good meal was provided by The Five Bells Upwell.

Next weeks final game is away to Suffolk Saturday 29th June at Halesworth BC IP19 8JS, bowlers remember woods on the green by 1.30pm.

North Cambs EWBF v North Essex ~ Tuesday 18th June 2019
Ladies triumphed on Tuesday at North Essex by 116-83 shots gaining 16 points to 2. Everyone played well despite the rather wet conditions and kept the games tight. 

Jackie Hearle, Lynne Quibell, Christine Wadlow 32- 8 (Thimbles)
Wendy Featherstone, Betty Reeve, Betty Norman 19-16
June Warren, Debra Wright, Margaret Hunt 17-23
Christine Johnson, Paula Kleyn, Chris Gollands 22-16
Jane Clifton, Sue Tolliday, Sandra Chandler 26-20
Next Wednesday the ladies travel to Ketton to play Northants.

Letter sent to Dave Woods, EBF National Secretary ~ 18th June 2019

Dear Mr. Woods,

For years, North Cambs EBF has been in decline. As you know we struggled in the past to get two teams out for the Adams and Newton Trophy, and so have only entered the Newton Trophy this year.
Our aim is to get enough people interested in playing so that we are able to put teams back in both competitions - if not next year, then the year after.

For years in the Adams Trophy, we were simply not strong enough to compete, and would lose every game - usually heavily.
This made it very difficult to recruit new players (who wants to play knowing that they're going to get hammered?)  It also resulted in many of the top bowlers we do have declining to play.

As team captain for the first time this year, I have visited clubs (giving up my own games on many occasions) and have been pretty successful in recruiting players - both new, and those that had stopped playing for whatever reason.  I also plan to try to get a few clubs that do not affiliate to the EBF to do so next season which will increase our pool of players. One club in particular used to affiliate but no longer does so.

I am very disappointed at the attitude and comments I have received from some (not all) of the other counties. Their view is clearly that we should not be allowed to compete at the Newton Trophy level.
One comment I had on Saturday when filling out the cards was "how many Adams players have you got?" This angered me as I have certainly not picked the best 18 players I could have for any game, and our first two results - although pleasing - came as a bit of a surprise to me.

  *  When we beat Northants, I selected 5 debutants, and only 7 of the 18 I would consider good enough to compete at Adams level.

  *  When we beat Norfolk, I selected 2 more debutants and 3 of the 5 from the Northants game played their second game.

  *  When we lost to Hunts, another player made his debut in what was almost a completely different team than in the previous two games as I wanted to give players a game who had shown an interest in coming back into the fold.

We have two games left and I am going to continue with my philosophy of gathering momentum by giving players a game at the expense of other, better bowlers.

So, far from us "putting our Adams side out" to try and win the Newton Trophy, we are bringing in new players, and ones that had stopped playing.
Had I picked my strongest 18 players for all three games, I think we'd be sitting on 66 points right now, not the (creditable) 48 that we currently have.
The teams I'm putting out against Lincolnshire and Suffolk are likely to lose because of my philosophy. Both Lincs and Suffolk are going to be way too strong for us.
I have not even played myself yet because I want to give 18 players who are keen to play a game!

I have gone to extreme efforts (with the help of Paul Bennett and others) to try and turn our little county team around. I have visited almost every affiliated club to speak to players, at great cost to myself in fuel etc.
I also work full time.

It seems to me that whatever we try to do, someone is very quick to try and "put us back in our place". We were OK when we used to lose 22-0 or similar every week, but when we try to compete and actually win a couple of games, we're basically called cheats.

Personally, I think we should be applauded for our efforts, not ridiculed.

Feel free to circulate this email if you wish, and I’d very much appreciate any comments you may have.

Matthew Hewitt
North Cambs County Captain 2019.

North Cambs Newton v Hunts~ 15th June.
In good bowling conditions and despite a good start where we were winning the game at 25 ends by 119 - 115 shots we fell away and let Captain Marvellous Matt down and suffered our first defeat of the season. Loosing 153 - 145 shots, 18 - 4 points. Onwards and upwards at our next game.

S Engledow, J Gowler, D Stanton 20 ~ P Walker 25
T Hurlock, D Foreman, I Lawson 24 ~ R Coles 30
M Jackman, C Bothamley, J Ivatt 24 ~ I Hamilton 14 (Spoons)
P Bennett, D Bailey, S Peach 23 ~ R Jepson 35
C Pope, J Forrest, R Pope 16 ~ M Dudley 31       
W Woods, R Rawson, N Parnell 28 ~ M Rodden 18

Michael Jackman won the spoons on his debut, Simon Peach was awarded his County badge for 6 games, Jon Ivatt played his 100th county game and was given a memento by President Phil Cross.

The next game is on Saturday 22nd June at Upwell BC when National EBF President Mick Rayson will be attending.
Bowlers please remember woods need to be on the green for 13.30 pm.

North Cambs Newton v Norfolk ~ 8th June ~ Result
North Cambs v Norfolk, played at Upwell Bowls Club for our 2nd game and in continuous rain and wind and won 171 shots, 16 points 167 shots, 6 points.
Tremendous result following the 22 - 0 win over Northants
R1- Paul Bennett, Simon Peach & Andy Hailes 25, M. Sparrow 32.
R2- David Thomas, Tony Reed & Ian Lawson 34, P. Randell 23. 
R3- Len Smith,  Colin Newby & Ardrie Kleyn 23, P. Forster 32.
R4- Charles William Waling, Anthony Hancock & Daniel Stanton 35 (Spoons), R. Bunton 21.
R5- Chris Pope, James Forrest & Roy Pope 30, C Hunter 23.
R6- Joseph Gowler, Neil Parnell & Jonathan Ivatt 24, P. Webb 36.
Thanks to Upwell for hosting the game in difficult conditions and organising the meal at The Five Bell following the game.
Excellent quality and good portions of roast beef all the trimmings and jam roly poly, apple crumble or ice-cream sundae.

Left to right ~ Phil Cross, Ron Adams Upwell Green keeper, Matt Hewitt, Trevor Hardingham Norfolk Captain and Matt Sparrow Norfolk Deputy President.
The next game is Saturday 15th June v Hunts at Hemingford BC PE26 9BX

Here is the squad (in alphabetical order, not the rink positions) for the SECOND Newton Trophy game, at home to Norfolk
Saturday 8th June 2019, at Upwell Bowls Club.  
The start of the match is 2pm and you need to have your bowls all stickered up and on the green at least 20 minutes beforehand.  
Paul Bennett (CMB)  James Forrest (Upwell)  Joseph Gowler (Emneth)  
Andy Hailes (CMB)    Anthony Hancock (Upwell)  Jonathan Ivatt (Murrow)  
Ardrie Kleyn (Gorefield)  Ian Lawson (Gedney Hill)   Colin Newby (Gorefield)  
Neil Parnell (CMB)  Simon Peach (Tilney King William)  Chris Pope (Upwell)  
Roy Pope (Upwell)  Tony Reed (Murrow)  Len Smith (Gorefield)  
Daniel Stanton (St. Lawrence)  Charles William Waling (Emneth)  David Thomas (Parson Drove)
Travelling reserves: Philip Leonard Cross, Matthew Hewitt (CMB) & Harold Reeve (Gorefield).  
Non travelling reserves: Rob Bonello (CMB), Charles Bothamley, Vic Condron, David Crockett (Gorefield), David Donaldson (Gorefield), Jock Findlay (CMB), Mick Gollands (Marshland St. James), Ted Hurlock (Gorefield), Trevor Manton (Gorefield), Eric Moore (Gedney Hill), Malcolm Oliver (Gorefield), Allen Richardson (CMB),
Stuart Woodcock (Murrow), Will Woods (CMB).

North Cambs EWBF v Norfolk Donald Stewart Trophy ~ 5th June 2019
North Cambs ladies travelled to Eye to play Suffolk in their second match of the season. NC had 2 winning rinks and only lost the match by 8 shots having been in front at 20 ends, which resulted in 4 points to 14.
June Warren, Debra Wright, Margaret Hunt  19-23 M Raynor
Jane Clifton, Sue Tolliday, Sandra Chandler 23-21 J Whitlock
Wendy Featherstone, Betty Reeve, Betty Norman 22-21 P Jenning
Paula Kleyn, Christine Johnson, Chris Gollands 22-23 S Sergeant
Jackie Hearle, June Hailes, L Quibell 22-28 A Wiley

North Cambs EWBF v Norfolk Donald Stewart Trophy
The ladies played their first game of the season at March Town BC on 29th May against Norfolk with the National EWBF President Carole Swann in attendance and lost 121 to 98 shots, 14 to 4 points.

North Cambs v Northants ~ EBF Newton Trophy
North Cambs played their first county game of the season at the City of Peterborough bowls club under a change of EBF rules which allowed them to enter one team in the Newton Trophy and not the Adams Trophy.
Matt Hewitt County Captain selected a team of 18 from over 30 bowlers available for this match and was amazed at the result of winning all 6 rinks with a shots score of 183 - 136 which has not been done before in living memory.
The team included 4 bowlers who had never played for North Cambs previously, Daniel Foreman (Gorefield), Chris Pope, Jim Forest and Roy Pope (Upwell), top rink winning the spoons.
Matt said following the game that he was so please with the win and the way everyone played but will have to make changes to the team for the next game. Anyone not playing has not been dropped but is making way so that everyone who has shown an interest gets their chance of a game. His intention for 2020 is to have sufficient players to enable entry of  teams in both the Adams and Newton competitions but to do this there would have to be 40 plus bowlers available to enable two teams. 
Phil Cross North Cambs EBF President commented after the game that he had been pleased to play and be associated with such a historic event.
Dick Noble Northants EBF President was generous in his praise for the North Cambs win but then said "I am lost for words".

Extract from Northants website: Newton Trophy team includes new faces

Northants Bowling Federation has strengthened its Newton Trophy team in a bid to recapture the form that got them to the final in 2017 when they were narrowly beaten by Humberside.

For the home fixture against North Cambs at City of Peterborough on Saturday, May 25, Pete Brown (Whittlesey Manor) steps down from the Adams team to join his son Zac in a rink alongside experienced lead Dave Corney. Zac will be the third generation bowler to represent the county.

New faces, named by captain Cliff Watson, include Andy Dyer (Conservative) and Dave Roberts (Market Deeping), while Roger Strong (City of Peterborough) is among those making a return.

Northants Newton team v North Cambs: Richard Allam, Martin Stokes, Malcolm Squires; Dave Roberts, Brian Bassam, Roger Strong; Jeff Clipston, Peter Jessop, Fred Richardson; Andy Dyer, Tony Kemp, Barry Lawrence; Dave Corney, Zac Brown, Peter Brown; Les Sharp, Mick Greaves and Alec Emery. Reserves Dick Noble and Mick Linnell.

Andrew Overton. Tony Reed, Ian Lawson 30 ~ M Squires 24
Phil Cross, Daniel Forman, Jon Ivatt 27 ~ R Strong 24
Chris Pope, Jim Forest, Roy Pope 35 ~ D Noble 18  (spoons)
Willie Woods, Charlie Waling, Danny Stanton 30 ~ A Emery 20
Paul Bennett, Mel Joyce, Andy Hailes 25 ~ P Brown 24
Len Smith, Colin Newby, Ardrie Kleyn 36 ~ F Richardson 26

NEWTON WINNING TEAM ~ photo by kind permission of David Lowndes Peterborough.

So if you are a local bowler who is interested in playing EBF County bowls now or in the future please contact Secretary Paul Bennett 01945 480857.

The next North Cambs game is at home Upwell BC against Norfolk on Saturday 8th June 2,00 pm start.

North Cambs v Northants 25th May
Apologies but Matt has put the wrong costs for this game on Messenger.
As agreed at the 2018 AGM.
Match fee 12
Match fee no meal if Matt informed by Tuesday before the game 6.
All meals for spectators at cost 8 for this game.
Travelling 2 returned to each person for all away games to be given to driver.
So for this game as I don't have a float match fee will be reduced by 2.
Pay your driver.
Post code for the game is PE3 9UZ
Here is the squad (in alphabetical order, not the rink positions) for the first Newton Trophy game, away to Northants
Saturday 25th May, at City of Peterborough Bowls Club PE3 9UZ

The start of the match is 2pm and you need to have your bowls all stickered up and on the green at least 20 minutes beforehand.

Paul Bennett (CMB)    Steve Engledow (St. Lawrence)    Daniel Foreman (Gorefield)     James Forrest (Upwell)

Andy Hailes (CMB)      Jonathan Ivatt (Gedney Hill)          Mel Joyce (CMB)                        Ardrie Kleyn (Gorefield)

Ian Lawson (Gedney Hill)  Colin Newby (Gorefield)        Andrew Overton (Murrow)        Chris Pope (Upwell)

Roy Pope (Upwell)        Tony Reed (Murrow)                     Len Smith (Gorefield)                Daniel Stanton (St. Lawrence)

Charles William Waling (Emneth)        Will Woods (CMB)

Travelling reserves: Philip Leonard Cross (Gorefield), Matthew Hewitt (CMB) & Harold Reeve (Gorefield).

Non travelling reserves: Rob Bonello (CMB), Eric Clarke (King William), David Donaldson (Gorefield), Mick Gollands (Marshland St. James), Trevor Manton (Gorefield), Eric Moore (Gedney Hill), Malcolm Oliver (Gorefield), Allen Richardson (CMB).

Ladies Presidents Day ~ 18th May

18 ladies contested the Holley Shield at Gorefield BC on Saturday hosted by North Cambs Ladies President Sue Tolliday. The clear winner was Christine Johnson with 26 shots and in joint second place were Margaret Hunt and Debra Wright.

Durham Centenary Trophy ~ 12th May
CMB BC played Ipswich BC away, won on two rinks but lost overall 87 - 106 shots.

National Federation Indoor Finals Newark 2019 ~ RESULTS
Matt Hewitt who qualified in 4 competitions managed to win two games first in the men's rinks with Tony Reed and Bob Grounds but then went out in the 2nd round to Hunts team of Simon Leader, Rob Elmore and Ed Elmore who went on to be champions.
In his 4 bowl singles Matt played well in his 1st round game winning comfortably against North Essex and in his 2nd round after leading 15 - 4 up and in control lost to Northumberland Aron Robinson who went on to be Champion.

In the men's pairs with Andy Hailes had a close game but lost to Norfolk who went out in the next round.
In the mixed pairs with Jayne Thorpe Matt had another close game going into the last end trailing by 2 shots, despite a good shot to trail the jack back to a second bowl it was more than 2 metres from the jack so only scored a single to loose 18 - 19 to Humberside who went out in the next round.

Congratulations to all North Cambs players who qualified and played well in their games but unfortunately there were no other winners.

Ladies Triples ~ Lynne Quibell, Wendy Featherstone, Jackie Wilkes lost 16 - 23 to Suffolk.
Ladies Singles ~ Sue Norman lost 12 - 21 to Durham
Ladies Senior Singles ~ Jackie Wilkes lost 15 - 21 to Notts.
Ladies Pairs ~ Lynne Quibell, Wendy Featherstone went into the last end 17 - 17 but dropped 2 shots and lost 17 - 19

Men's Triples ~ Tony Reed, Bob Grounds, Matt Hewitt won 18 - 10 against Suffolk but lost to Hunts 12 - 20
Men's Singles ~ Matt Hewitt won 21 - 15 against North Essex but lost 16 - 21 to Northumberland.

Mixed Pairs ~ Jayne Thorpe, Matt Hewitt lost 18 - 19 to Humberside.
Men's Pairs ~ Andy Hailes, Matt Hewitt lost 14 - 21 to Norfolk
Mixed Triples ~ Tony Reed, Bob Grounds, Wendy Featherstone lost 12 - 20 to Norfolk
Men's Senior Singles ~ Charlie Waling  lost 12 - 21 to Notts R Maskell who lost in the final.

For full results of all National Federation indoor finals see website www.fedbowls.co.uk and for more information on North Cambs see www.northcambsebf.co.uk

North Cambs v WIBC ~ Saturday 6th April 2019
In one of the last games to be played at WIBC before it closes at the end on April WIBC were the winners this year 64 - 56 shots,
Thanks to NC EWBF President Sue Tolliday and WIBC Captain Lyn Humphries for organising the teams and for Irene and the ladies for an excellent buffet.

We all look forward to playing our future fixtures at the new Wisbech IBC.

National Federation Indoor Finals Newark 2019 ~
for a programme of all North Cambs games click HERE
Advance notice EBF games click HERE
Advance notice of EWBF games click HERE
Details of all games are on Facebook Hudson Indoor Bowls Club Wisbech
Wednesday 24th April
9.30am ~ Ladies Triples ~ Lynne Quibell, Wendy Featherstone, Jackie Wilkes

9.30am ~
Men's Triples ~ Tony Reed, Bob Grounds, Matt Hewitt
12.30pm ~ Mixed Triples ~ Tony Reed, Bob Grounds, Wendy Featherstone
12.30pm ~ Ladies Singles ~ Sue Norman

Thursday 25th April
3.30pm ~ Men's Pairs ~ Andy Hailes, Matt Hewitt
3.30pm ~ Ladies Senior Singles ~ Jackie Wilkes

Friday 26th April
9.30pm ~ Ladies Pairs ~ Lynne Quibell, Wendy Featherstone
9.30am ~ Men's Singles ~ Matt Hewitt
2.30pm ~ Mixed Pairs ~ Jayne Thorpe, Matt Hewitt
Saturday 27th April
2.30pm ~ Men's Senior Singles ~ Charlie Waling

North Cambs EBF & EWBF indoor championships to be held at Hudson IBC Wisbech ~ 16th & 17th February 2019 - RESULTS

North Cambs held their EBF & EWBF County Finals at Hudson IBC for the final time before they close as an indoor bowling green and we must thank them for their support over the years that they have hosted the finals.
Games we fiercely competed over 5 sessions during the weekend with Matt Hewitt winning all four and Wendy Featherstone all three of the competitions in which they qualified. 

Saturday 16th February
Men's Singles
Andy Hailes 5 v Matt Hewitt 21
Ladies Pairs
June Warren Betty Reeve 12 v Lynne Quibell Wendy Featherstone 21
Men's Pairs
Tony Reed Bob Grounds11 v Andy Hailes Matt Hewitt 20
Ladies Singles
Jackie Wilkes 18 v Sue Norman 21

Mixed Triples
Tony Reed Bob Grounds Wendy Featherstone 25 v June Warren Betty Reeve Harold Reeve 24
Sunday 17th February
Mixed Pairs
Jayne Thorpe Matt Hewitt 22 v Betty Reeve Len Smith 12
Ladies Senior Singles
Jackie Wilkes 21 v Angela Jordan 15
Men's Triples
Tony Reed Bob Grounds Matt Hewitt 29 v Malcolm Oliver Harold  Reeve Len Smith 8
Ladies Triples
Betty Reeve June Warren Angela Jordan 6 v Lynne Quibell Wendy Featherstone Jackie Wilkes 27
Men's Senior Singles
Charlie Waling W/O
Presentation of trophies will take place after each session and all spectators are welcome.
Winners will represent North Cambs in the National Indoor Finals at Newark between 24th and 27th April 2019.


I must congratulate County Captain Matt Hewett for his achievement this indoor season for getting past players to again play and the best results in 5 years.

2018/19    shots for 350 - against 524     points for 14 - against 56

2017/18    shots for 318 - against 646     points for 4 - against 66

2016/17    shots for 205 - against 541     points for 6 - against 64

2015/16   shots for 301 - against 527     points for 14 - against 42

2014/15    shots for 376 - against 447     points for 8 - against 58

Lets all continue to support Matt in the coming outdoor season with the Newton Team.

Norfolk v North Cambs - Derbyshire Trophy 3rd February 2019

 North Cambs played their final Derbyshire indoor game of the 2018/19 season at Gallow IBC in Fakenham and at 20 ends, the game could have gone either way.

After the full quota of 25 ends, two rinks were edged out by the same score, leaving one winning rink of Allen Richardson, Matthew Hewitt & Jock Findlay.

S Engledow, J Gowler, D Stanton 21 - 24 M Riches

A Richardson, M Hewitt, CJ Findlay 24 – 19 D Mills (Spoons)

R Bonello, A Hailes, F Howard 21 - 24 D Cawthorne

T Hickson, T Reed, J Ivatt 12 – 29 B Sadler 

Overall result was a defeat by 78 - 96, 2 - 12 points.

Northants "A" v North Cambs ~ Derbyshire Trophy ~ 6th January 2019

North Cambs played their third Derbyshire indoor game of the 2018/19 season at Peterborough IBC on Sunday 6th January 2019

As the previous 2 games they won one rink, had some very close games where we could have won another two rinks but managed a well deserved overall shots win 91 - 85.

Congratulations to County Captain MARVEL Matt Hewitt and all players in the team.

The winning rink was Joseph "Spoons" Gowler who has now been in the winning rink for the third time with different players, this time Tony Hickson and Jon Ivatt.

T Hickson, J Gowler, J Ivatt 36 - 10 J Earl (spoons)

R Bonello, N Parnell, A Hailes 22 - 23 G Agger

E Moore, D Bailey, T Reed 13 - 29 M Linnell

S Engledow, F Howard, R Allen 20 - 23 P Brown

 Overall result was North Cambs 91 - 85 shots win, 8 - 6 points.

 North Cambs next game is 27th January 2019 v Linc's at Lincoln IBC.

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